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Our mission is to smash through the barriers that divide the physical world from the digital world in order to help companies realise their true potential, through optimisation and unlocking the value of both digital and physical assets.

We believe that the unification of strategy and execution between digital progress and physical assets, whether it is people, buildings, vehicles or trade tools, will allow new levels of visibility and control for organisations. This will allow organisations to react to environments and conditions with new levels of flexibility and pace.

We help our customers fold the best of what technology has to offer into their strategies for achieving their goals in the simplest most effective way.

Social Hub

Blockchain – Proof and Verification


Zimperium – Mobile Threat Defence

Wireless Charging

The Nook

Asset Tracking



GDPR Mini Assessment

Event Manager

Smart Sensors & Logging

Enhanced Reporting

NFC Smart Posters

Social Sentiment Tool

Vlogging on Demand Booth


Sales Web Portal

Aislelabs Connect

Aislelabs Flow



Secufy SOS Button

Social Distancing Management

IoT Genie

Environment Health and Occupancy Sensing Solution

Asset Health Monitoring



PointGrab Sensing Platform

WiCiS Health 3.0 Platform

Alis Tech Fever Detection System