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Sales Engagement

A powerful sales engagement tailored to your business needs.

A Complete Sales Platform

The Sales Engagement Platform has been designed as a mobile toolkit, a complete workspace for a user to interact with sales resources, product guides, corporate governance, training, news and presentations.

With sales productivity being the key driver, the mobile app is set up to ensure your customer gets the ultimate user experience and also benefits from great search, filter and solution functionality.

By consolidating all of this information and placing it in a quick and easy to use mobile interface, it entices teams to adopt the application for all of their daily tasks. This is a compartmentalised area where all content is up-to-date, live and relevant so that they can focus on the job in hand and deliver results.

Receive real-time app notifications to your device, click on them and then engage with the App. Imagine you receive a one day only offer, getting it straight away and being able to engage with it.

Everything is available through one app. Not only do you get all of these benefits, but you can also find all the links to everything you may need,  from one dashboard. Imagine, from one dashboard you can link to all those things you need that would normally take you ages to find. The app has been built to tailor to your business. Your customers will have your business in their pockets.

Rewards and Incentives

Give your users access to your company rewards and incentives programmes. One app for all means your users can check the status of their scores, check out new rewards programmes and more, without having to log in and out of different apps.


Think of all the forms you may need your customers to complete. Fed up of all the admin or printing, sending, completing and reporting on forms? With Integrit you can set up as many forms as you need in minutes and map them to your business processes.

Deal Reg

Let your sales team register deals on the move. Can you imagine registering and updating a deal as soon as you come out of a customer meeting? You can with the Integrit Sales Platform.

Sales Knowledge

The platform has been carefully designed to offer all detailed product and promotional information so that users can always be up to date with your literature, web links, social and video content, with real time calls to action.

Contacts Directory

A contacts directory ensures that your users have the latest contact information at their fingertips, reducing the time spent trawling through emails and the web.


Show your customers your latest presentations and make sure they are always up to date with the latest version. When you are managing large teams you can ensure that everybody is portraying a consistent company tone and message.


Find out the most recent news, popular news and even drill down by category through Integrit’s integrated News module.

Integrated Events and Social Modules

To give your user complete engagement with your business, there is an integrated events module and social module.

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