Use Cases

These are a few insights to highlight the range of projects we are working on. Hopefully they will inspire you to talk to us and find out more!


Staff, Visitors, Students.. we have a solution for all.

Our platform adapts to provide a refined experience. We work with schools, academies, colleges and universities to assist with providing lesson plans and timetables, helping new members find their way to lectures or meetings as well as providing the insight for evaluating space management and building efficiency.


Human error, it happens.. and we do lose things!

We are working closely with hospitals and trusts to track items across their vast expanse of corridors and store rooms. Budgets are wasted replacing equipment that has been mislaid, borrowed or has failed to return from calibration and servicing. Once located our platform will guide you directly to the item - an elegant solution to a huge problem.


Is the high street dead? We believe it just needs a few tweaks.

We are working with stores and supermarkets to re-imagine what the shopping experience should be. Customers want to find goods quickly and they want to know they are getting the best possible price. What better than a store directory on your phone, stock details, wayfinding to the brand you desire, and the latest loyalty points or discounts ready for you to use?


Engage and interact, with effortless event management at your fingertips.

Companies use our platform to schedule meetings for less than ten people and events for thousands. The scope to provide as much or as little detail is gained from the modular design, but this is more than just a tool to share information, it is a true engagement platform.