Sales Web Portal

Our Sales Web Portal is a complete sales platform, allowing users to interact with sales resources, training resources, promotions and videos, ensuring your sales team and channel have everything they need to sell your products and solutions.

We have carefully designed a robust and secure portal to offer all detailed product and promotional information as well as resources, including weblinks and PDF link outs so that sales can always be up to date with your organisation.

User Experience is our mantra, so it needs to be simple and easy to use not just for the user but for the team managing the content. Managing content and users for your portal can be done with ease via our Integrit Management System.

One of the cornerstones of how we develop our solutions is the ability for a solution to be extended. If you have other solutions that you would like to integrate into the portal, our architecture allows us to take a building block approach.

Whether you are looking to create a standalone Sales Web Portal, or you’re interested in using it as a companion to our Integrit Mobile Engagement App, we have the solution for you.

Branded for your company, this portal can be up and running in weeks.

The key to any solution is to make it easy for anyone to integrate this solution into their platform through a simple link. We have made sure this is all available and have a great development team to make sure your route to a successful implementation is achieved with ease.

Find out more information about our Sales Web Portal, contact us today.