The Nook

Nook enables more flexible, entrepreneurial and collaborative work styles.

The ‘Nook effect’ is driving up user wellbeing, increasing efficiency & flexibility of space and creating greater engagement between people. Users benefit from increased productivity through better focus, experience more effective phone and Skype calls, and hold more powerful small meetings.

Nook Pods are built to be incredibly adaptable with a variety of configurations available. Whether your meeting involves two or ten people, the pods can be arranged in a way that provides the space you need without losing any of its benefits.

As well as having modular pods, the technology within the space is also modular. If you are interested in finding out more about the technology that can be integrated into your Nook Pod, please send your details to us by filling out the contact form here.

A variety of Nook Pods are available including The Nook, Nook Event Pod, Sensory Nook, Narrow Nook, Hospital Nook (Microbial) and Smart Nook.

For more information about the Nook Pods and which would best suit your space, read our blog post here or get in touch.