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Asset tracking

It's a busy world and it is so easy to pause for a conversation, put an item down, and then continue on your way without it. This costs businesses a fortune, but it doesn't need to.

There are huge benefits to derive from asset tracking.

Properly managing the assets within your business and ensuring that losses are kept to a minimum can have a significant impact on your bottom line.  

But there are other advantages too..

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Find assets quickly

Save wasting resources, there is no need to have multiple people hunting for that one import piece of equipment that was not returned to the correct location, let technology solve these problems for you.

Locate your assets

Once the location of your asset has been determined allow indoor navigation to direct you to where it is, to speed up recovery and limit the time engaged in its retrieval.

Reduce losses

By incorporating asset tracking into your business, not only will high value items become easier to locate but with the ease of configurability, more items will be tagged.  Losses reported will drop, swiftly reducing administration burdens along with the costs of replacement.


Combined with a check in and check out process incorporated into a mobile solution, individuals are held accountable for equipment that they use. Triggers can be defined to notify managers if equipment is taken outside of a particular room or department and action can be taken.

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