Social Distancing Management

Keeping employees in your company safe and healthy is vital to stay productive and in business. This is where a Workplace Social Distancing Management Solution comes in handy as it tracks and traces close encounters, identifying and managing contact chains while ensuring data security in compliance with GDPR regulations.

The solution works by asking your employees to wear a smart BLE tag, either as a wristband or badge, with the option to download the Safectory Social Distance Tracking App onto their smartphones.

The BLE tag constantly transmits a unique randomised ID, listening to receive such signals from other tags in close proximity. The BLE tag calculates relative distance to all other tags in proximity based on signal strength of those signals received.

Users will be immediately notified if they are too close when one or more tags are detected by vibrating, flashing with LED light and/or by notifying the Apps to which they are bonded which will generate an alert.

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