MQTT Enabled Long Life Track and Trace Device

The market has identified the need for a global low energy, low cost track and trace device. The vTrack is the perfect solution as a high-end industrial-grade tracker, providing ultra-long-life battery duration of up to +10 years depending on configuration, allowing customers to track their itinerant assets.

The high capacity industrial-grade battery allows for unprecedented tracker autonomy without charging or replacing batteries. It can easily attach to any type of asset such as pallets, bulk containers, cages, crates, heavy tools, vehicles, and more.

It provides sophisticated algorithm supporting OTA configuration of independent frequencies for geo-location and data upload, while in motion or static. The microprocessor holds GPS/GSM positions in memory allowing for bulk uploads of last positions in order to achieve the ultra-low-power consumption.

It is GPS enabled for outdoor precise geo-location, with the ability to fall back to GSM cell ID positioning when GPS is not available.

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vTracker Datasheet