Artificial Intelligence

What is AI?

We hear about AI all the time, some consider it to be the most important technology transformation that will take place. However, it is only valuable when it is applied in the real world – enhancing products, improving services, and saving lives. The key deliverable for AI is Actionable Insight. Our driver is to help you deliver this insight. If you are looking for real life impact we help you define your strategy, achieve or source the right skills and provide the right tools.

To make AI real, we help organisations work out what they could do with AI, and then help them to do it. This requires three things: the right strategy, the right skills, and the right software. We are able to help with all three.

Data Science Platform

Our partnership with Faculty allows us to extend the Channel for Faculty’s world class data science platform. The technology has been designed to run in a client’s own infrastructure and allows a user to set up a full data science workbench in seconds.

Faculty’s technology will not only accelerate smart decision making, it will also allow you to improve efficiencies as well as seeing a TCO reduction on every AI/Machine Learning project.

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Benefits include:

  • Runs in your infrastructure
  • Simplify infrastructure
  • A full data science workbench in seconds
  • Develop models fast
  • Developed by data scientists for data scientists
  • Optimise team collaboration
  • Spend more time coding

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