Everything a team needs in one App..

A Complete Sales Platform

The Sales Module has been carefully crafted to offer all relevant product and promotional information so that users can quickly refresh themselves with literature, web links and video content. Multiple routes flow through the app drawing users to all aspects of the platform via search, filter and solution finders. The Platform has been designed to store frequently used passwords to further aide users when navigating to regularly visited sites such as deal registration and training resources.

Professional Presentations

Our Presentations module lets you build presentations and keep them up to date with the latest information.  This module can contain anything from elevator pitches to battle cards or product briefings and carefully uses date stamps to ensure that every time a user opens presentation they always view the most recent version. This is critical when handling sizeable teams to ensure that everybody is portraying a consistent company tone and message.

Focus users with industry news

Focus minds with industry press and internal company news.

Users can browse through articles but also choose to sort them based on the most recent items and most popular items that their colleagues are reading.  Ensure that your team gets the information that is relevant and important for them to read.

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Event Manager

Organise your events and track attendees and allow users to manage their times and personalise their schedule. Help your delegates get to your event with comprehensive event travel information and make sure they are up to date with changes and updates though event messaging and push notification.

Speaker profile and sponsor information is available to review and event documents are provided to support your event.  Shape your own social channel and finally gain feedback at the end of the event.

Our latest addition - Social Hub

Separate business communications from your personal social apps. Our platform has been designed as your business toolkit and this is our latest addition.

Manage all your business social media communications directly from our platform. Browse suggested content from your company marketing team, choose your platforms, create your content, decide on a time and a date and let Social Hub schedule your posts.

Bluetooth Beacon Functionality

Empower your users with targeted location based notifications. Welcome users to your office or to your latest conference and choose to trigger automated workflows based on their movements. Ensure that the push notifications and emails they receive are directly relevant to the event that they are attending.

Powerful and positive engagement designed for simple and effective lead generation. Contact us to find out more.

Choose the setup that works for you

We have built a modular platform because we appreciate that one size never fits all.  Pick the modules that you need and upgrade if you need more.  An intuitive app complemented by an easy to use content management and communications portal.  Keep reading to find out more!


Manage your sign up process from our management portal and ensure that only your registered users have access to your content.


Share your key sales information with the people who need it. Products, promotions, literature & videos in the palm of their hand.


Save users time by storing their regularly used passwords in the app and allow more time for engagement and direct communication.

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Welcome Dashboard

Manage all your modules, customise your dashboard with useful content and keep on top of your messages from your main dashboard.


Manage all your events from a single location. Monitor registrations and share all event information direct with your delegates.


Understand your users' behaviour and focus your communications and content by analysing app usage with our integrated analytics.

You need to try - Event Manager

We are really proud of this particular module. Event Manager is the quickest, easiest and simplest way to deliver all the event information your delegates will need. Here is some more in-depth information.

Personalised schedules
Personalised schedules

Does your event have different tracks? Our integrated, clash management schedule allows your delegates to easily select the tracks they would like to attend, creating a personalised event schedule. Delegates can now have a personalised experience, tailored to their areas of interest.

Powerful push notifications
Powerful push notifications

This new marketing channel allows for instant engagement with your customers. Do you want to send meaningful reminders or updates about an event? Push notifications and our Message module means your customers are kept up to date.

Speaker profiles
Speaker profiles

Delegates can check out each speaker’s profile beforehand or keep up to date with him or her on social media after your event. Providing this connection means lasting impact for your delegates. Have a reputable guest speaker? Hook your delegates in with a comprehensive bio and a compelling message.


Social media is a great way of keeping your customers up to date of what is going on at your event. Have any event hashtags or accounts you would like your delegates to follow? Live social media feeds are any easy way to reach your customers, allowing them to see what people are saying and important posts about your event.

Share valuable documents
Share valuable documents

Event Manager’s sharable documents means another way of building customer relationships. Prepare your delegates by sharing any helpful documents prior to your event or keep them involved after your event.

Instant feedback
Instant feedback

Gone are the days of paper-based surveys and the lengthily process of data collection that follows. Enable your delegates to complete your surveys through their device there and then, or on the way home. With push notifications and messages you can even give them a nudge. Once feedback is submitted it loads into our CRM, instantly collating and creating all the dashboards you need.

Helpful interactive travel tips
Helpful interactive travel tips

Make it easier for your delegates to travel to your event. Going further than syncing with device maps, event manager allows you to add travel and location notes, allowing your delegates to plan ahead effectively. With push notifications and direct messages, you can even send travel updates of any major disruptions, minimising late arrivals.

We have got so much more to talk to you about..
We have got so much more to talk to you about..

We can't stop talking about this new addition to our platform but we know that we need to draw a line somewhere! What we really want to do is talk to you and give you a demonstration. Contact us and we will arrange an initial call to agree a time and location that works for you so we can show you the full platform.

Which package is right for me?

These tables show the packages available to you. There are initial set up costs to cover styling the app for your business and these will depend on the level of customisation involved. The options will be discussed with you before your apps are built.

Sales package

  • Sales Platform
  • News
  • Messaging
  • Push Notifications
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Events package

  • Event Manager
  • News
  • Presentations
  • Messaging
  • Push notifications
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Premium package

  • Custom Implementation
  • Custom app design
  • Module enhancements
  • Fully managed service
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Frequently asked questions

"The pricing structure means that we can upgrade at any time and take advantage of platform developments." - Software Company

Contracts don't need to be difficult. We are confident that the structures we offer will suit any business need. If you can't find the exact fit for your business here, we are confident that we can find a solution at a price that works for your company. We are here to create solutions and empower your team.

Can I upgrade my plan at any time?

We allow our customers to switch plan whenever they choose and we only ask for a single months notice. If you need to change plan quicker talk to us.

Am I tied into a contract?

All of our contracts work are subject to a minimum period of 12 months.

How do I get the best value contract?

Whilst our minimum contract period is 12 months we do offer terms for clients committing to 24 months and beyond.

Does the app automatically update for new features?

If there are upgrades to the solution relevant to the package you have taken out then it will be automatically updated.

We have a new Strategic Partner

We are working with Aruba Networks to provide enhanced solutions for our customers, from asset tracking to indoor mapping.  Yet another reason why you should contact us to find out more!


Our customers love us

We could explain at length how our platform will increase productivity and boost your team's performance but don't just take our word for it, listen to the voices of our happy customers

"Channel Mobile has offered Tech Data a new and very interesting method of communicating with our customers. Diverse configuration, real-time interaction and a wealth of reporting options give us genuine flexibility and great potential for customer reach."

Corin Wright, Group Marketing Manager

Tech Data

"We have already seen a significant increase in customer engagement before and after our events with Event Manager. Pulling off analytics reports is easy and enables us to see a measurable return on our investment"

Paul Fuller, Director

Channel Pulse

"We use Channel Mobile to streamline all of our communications - from Vendors, through Partners to end users. It helps consolidates every aspect of product detail, configuration, quoting and up to the moment promotions. Channel Mobile helps us deliver streamlined information - and gives us ROI information at our fingertips."

Mark Sipe, Commercial Director

iCyber Security

Why not take the app for a spin?

Whilst we have a team who are eager to talk to you, if this could be the perfect solution for your business, why not download our demo app and try it out?

If you have got this far you really should talk to us!

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